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FREE Business Hacking Handbook
Learn Simple Strategies on How You Can Hack Any Business!
This handbook goes over tools and resources on how to know if there's a market for any type of business! And for FREE!
FREE Business Hacking Handbook
Learn Simple Strategies on How You Can Hack Any Business!
Startup Muslim is a leading community of Muslim business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to start and grow their own profitable and successful businesses. Our team comprises of 6 & 7 figure Muslim entrepreneurs and mentors who have been doing business for over 10 years in several sectors, including software, consulting, apps, eCommerce, and others. At Startup Muslim, we are dedicated to helping you start a business that is not only halal, but profitable.

We are a global organization serving Muslim businesses, ranging from setup to expansion. With a firm belief that your business and religious life are undivided, we are pioneering time-tested and new venture solutions.

Through the direction of our two co-founders, Startup Muslim teaches and assists you to build a company that can in sha Allah sustain you and your family for a lifetime.
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Free Trainings
Startup Muslim University
The App Profit System
Starting an app business has become easier than ever before, and more people around the world are profiting from it's continuous growth. Register for this free training where you will learn how to find an unlimited amount of successful app ideas, how I generated over $402,304 through this one strategy, and how I was able to get over 40 million people to download my apps!
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Do you have the right mindset? One of the biggest factors that prevents people from being successful is their limiting beliefs. If you wish to see competition as a wider market for you, then this video was created especially for you. It will expose you to endless opportunities where failure does not exist.
Sales Funnels
The sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model. In this course, you will learn cutting-edge tried and tested sales funnel strategies that you can apply to your business.
Startup Operations
This course is specially created for companies, partnerships, or interim organizations designed towards searching for a scalable commercial model. These businesses, generally recently created, exist in a stage of growth and diligent search aimed at markets. Hence, this course includes idea to business, building customer relations, and sales power…
Facebook Marketing
The hands down most important part of the business is your marketing strategy. You can have the best product in the world, but if your marketing isn’t done properly, you will not make sales.In this section, you will learn the essentials of marketing. As a result, you will be able to increase your sales, strengthen awareness of your product or service, and learn your metrics…
Business Hacking 
Learn business hacking strategies while adhering to holistic, ethical standards and being acknowledged as an entrepreneurial genius. This lesson will show you shortcuts to success without putting your religious principles in jeopardy. Learn techniques that will save you time, money, and effort.
With the onset of technological advancements, the marketplace had become global through eCommerce. True, at hand are lots of choices for taking part in online stores, but Shopify stays a comprehensive eCommerce key used due primarily to its integral safety and swiftness in hosting…
T-Shirt Business
In this course I show you from beginning to end how I created an entire shopify T-Shirt business in under 2 hours.
Investing Money: The 10X Return
Let me show you how to get back a 10x return on every dollar spent. Covering financial theories, marketplace study, commercial selection, and marketing. I will show you how to go about it all. This video will teach you fundamental entrepreneurial principles that guarantee you a 10x return which my team and I have done several times... We've even ran a campaign that got a 15x return mashaAllah!
Featured Publications by Startup Muslim 
The Ultimate Shopify Top Ten List
Download this free list to get instant access to the leading Shopify stores in the world. This list reveals the store names, top products sold, traffic numbers, and even traffic sources!
  • Monthly traffic numbers so you know exactly how this business is doing
  • Traffic sources for you to hack. Know which blogs, forums, marketing platforms are being utilized the most by this company and emulate for your own 
  • Top selling products revealed so you know what's selling the most from each company
The Business Hacking Handbook: Tools & Resources
A handbook containing tools and resources for business hacking geared towards people who:
  • Learn the strategy that i've used over and over again to create multiple 6 and 7 figure companies
  • Over 14 tools and resources to help you know what businesses are most profitable and most likely to succeed
  • Don't be stuck on your business idea anymore. Also use this handbook to get an unlimited supply of the best businesses to pursue

Facebook Marketing Made Easy 2.0 – Training Guide.1
  • Learn the basics of Facebeook marketing so you don't waste time or money
  • Discover how Facebook is arguably the most powerful tool to advertise your business 
  • Strategies that no one tells you about
Sales Funnel Authority
  • Learn why your sales funnel is the differentiating factor between the success and failure of your business
  • How having a basic funnel can increase your leads & sales by multitudes 
  • Expose yourself to the best funnel strategies for your business
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