The Guaranteed Way to Start and Own Your Businesses - Even If You Have Little Money Or No Experience

Plus, gain instant access to our exclusive community of Muslim entrepreneurs who are ready to help you grow today!
Starting an online business isn't easy… 
Even though you see people making thousands or even millions of dollars with simple businesses and ecommerce sites, you just can’t seem to get your piece of the pie.

Maybe you’ve tried it before.

Maybe you’ve started an eCommerce store, made it look good, and even created the perfect product, and yet no one seems to be buying your products...

You’re doing everything you’re supposed to do, but you’re still not seeing the “massive profits” that other entrepreneurs are enjoying.
It’s not your fault.

Most of the YouTube videos and online guides you’ve used to create the perfect store are leaving out all the most important information on purpose.

Let’s face it: you don’t need some quick little video.

You need a complete program that's actually tried and testedgets real results.

That’s why I created Startup Muslim University.

It’s a place for Muslim entrepreneurs to learn from each other, follow in the footsteps of the most successful businesses online, and create their first real successful online business. If you already have a business, no worries! We have strategies for you too! We have multiple students inside SMU that have businesses generating multi-millions per year... so don't worrry.

SMU is not a quick, fun little video. This is everything you ever needed to know to build and grow the business of your dreams.
Startup Muslim University is Giving You Unfair Advantage Tools - Built Just for the Community to Give You the Unique Advantage You Need.
We have put together a comprehensive online program to help you build the successful business you’ve been dreaming of, even if you’ve never made a single dollar online.

Tried & Tested: Learn how we’ve started real, successful businesses with little cost and the strategies behind them. Whether you’re creating a simple Shopify store or a massive online business, these techniques will save money while generating a real profit.

Comprehensive Program: We cover everything from eCommerce to t-shirts, from consulting to apps to Facebook ads. You’ll even learn how to grow your business using simple “hacks” that give you real results. (We know because we’ve tried it ourselves dozens of times.)

Access SMU from any device! 24-Hour access to 100's of hours of content that will give you a crystal-clear understanding of how we’ve created successful businesses. Even if you have never started a business before, you can use SMU to learn everything you need to know. 

Learn at your own pace. If you’re eager to get your business up and running in just 9 weeks, you can absolutely do it with SMU. However, if you’re living a busy life and you only have time for a few lessons here and there, you can take it slow and follow your journey at the speed that works for you. 

Event Recordings: Gain instant access to our recordings from our high-ticket exclusive Mastermind Events (cost of attendance was $500-$1,000). Watch behind the scenes and learn what the most successful entrepreneurs we know have done to achieve their million-million success stories online. It’s like a face-to-face conversation with our entrepreneurial heroes and inspirations. 

Startup Muslim University offers a comprehensive online course to help you build the successful business you’ve been dreaming of, even if you’ve never made a single dollar online.
Plus more tools to help you rapidly grow your business:

"Spy" on your competitors: Ethically and legally. The AdsHacker Software lets you see the most successful ads on Facebook so you can emulate their success and generate more customers than ever before. 

Shopify Tool: This tool allows you to search all 253,332+ Shopify stores. Starting an Commerce store has never been easier now. With the click of a button, you can see daily traffic numbers, traffic source, best selling products, and where they rank on shopify for any store.

Website, Shopify, & Funnel Templates: Stop scratching your head with a website that just isn’t working. Download and use one of our amazing templates so that you can generate more profits instantly. 

Deals & Promotions: Exclusive SMU Members Software Deals and Promotions that will pay for your membership by itself. You’ll save literally $1,000’s with our exclusive deals on critical tools and offers that every business owner needs. 

Private Exclusive VIP community: Learn alongside the best Muslim entrepreneurs in the world - from over 35 different countries - and see what they have to teach you! We’re an incredibly open and supportive group, and we can’t wait to meet you. 

LIVE “What’s Working Now" Trainings: Every day, the internet is flooding with new businesses and new strategies for success, and we’re staying on top of it all with constant updates to keep you informed… and keep your business as profitable as possible. Face-to-face conversation with our entrepreneurial heroes and inspirations every second Wednesday of each month!

Join the Premier Muslim Community for Entrepreneurs Online
Collaborate and learn with Muslim entrepreneurs from over 35 different countries.

We’ve been working together for years, giving away our best strategies for success and supporting each other to help everyone become a better, more profitable business leader. 

We even offer contests and prizes with a chance to win Umrah for 2 ($5,000 Value).  

Enjoy your hard-earned success and visit Mecca and Madinah with a free Umrah on us. We’ll cover your expenses up to $5,000 if you’re the winner of the contest - just for being an awesome SMU member! 
Go Beyond Basic eCommerce
Multiply Your Streams of Income With 100’s of Hours of Content All Included in Startup Muslim University.
Startup Muslim University isn’t just an eCommerce program.

We cover everything from the basics of business to Facebook marketing, to mindset, to investing, and all in between. We’ll help you expand your business so you can literally multiply your streams of income.

The world’s most successful businesses all benefit from these strategies, and you’ll learn all of them and more..

Our easy and intuitive online platform can be accessed on any devices. With constant updates, you can always learn something new at SMU.

Here are just SOME of the topics we cover...

Business Hacking: The top secret strategies used to create million-dollar companies in the real world. (This isn’t just “business theory”: these are real strategies being used right now.)

Facebook Marketing: Discover the secrets behind the most successful Facebook ads in the world. With the right combination of words, you can unlock massive profits with incredible savings on your Facebook ads, and we’ll show you how.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Everything you create in this world begins in your mind. Learn what the world’s most successful entrepreneurs already know about keeping the right mindset for success.

Website & Sales Funnel Templates: Copy the sales funnels that are generating massive profits and see what their strategies can do for you.

The "YES" System

Learn how to close sales by getting your prospects to say "YES"!

Startup Operations: Learn and master the essentials of any business. Whether you’re starting a new business or giving new life to your old company, these tips will get you there faster.

eCommerce / Shopify: Learn the secrets behind incredible Shopify stores today by following our detailed video lessons. Get access to the shopify tool we created to see what shopify stores are doing well and which are failing.

The App Profit System: Create and monetize your app to multiply your current streams of income and experience the “mobile lifestyle” that’s made so much money for so many entrepreneurs. 

T-Shirt Business Insider: See why this seemingly simple business is quickly becoming a critical part of virtually every company online today… and how you can take advantage of this rapidly growing industry.

And so many more profit-generating secrets!
Bonus Gifts Just For You - But You Have To Join TODAY!
We negotiate incredible deals for all of our members, saving you thousands of dollars every year on critical tools for entrepreneurs like you. 

Plus, if you sign up today, we’ll throw in these incredible bonus gifts

Bonus #1: How to Invest Your Income So That You Never Have to Work Again 

Bonus #2: How to Go From 9-5 Employee to Successful Entrepreneur 

Bonus #3: The inside of a Pre-Made Webinar Funnel That Has Generated Over $300,000

Here are some of the companies we have partnered with:
What SMU members are saying...
Iqbal Ahmed - London, UK
Mohammed Oon- KL, Malaysia
Raheel Ibn Khalique - NY, USA
Mohammed Khalif- London, UK
Startup Muslim University Members
International Mastermind Event
And more of the SMU family...
Join Startup Muslim University Today!
When you find the secret to success, you don’t just keep it to yourself.

You share it with your community.

That’s the great thing about Startup Muslim University. Not only are you getting full access to hundreds of hours of courses in entrepreneurship…

But you’re also getting access to a private community of successful Muslim entrepreneurs who are happy to share their secrets with you.

We’re all in the same boat, and we know the struggles you’ve faced in starting your own business.

We’re here to help!

So join us today, and meet hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you who have unlocked the best resource online for business owners like you: Startup Muslim University.

This is your chance to join some of the most successful Muslim entrepreneurs in the world and learn their best secrets.

Let’s get started today!

When you join right now, you’ll also unlock all the lessons, your bonus gifts, our private community, and all the free tools and updates you’ll ever need.
Every Day You Waste Without This Knowledge, You’re Throwing Away Money
Dear Muslim Entrepreneur,

Starting today, you could begin learning and mastering the secrets of the most successful businesses in the world.

But if you keep putting this off and waiting for “the right time” to get serious about your business, you’re going to continue missing out on the profits that are hiding behind our best strategies.

At Startup Muslim University, we share everything we know about running a successful online business. We even give you free tools to boost your business along the way, and with our private community, you can always ask for extra help when you need it. We are here for you. 

But you have to get started today.

Otherwise, you’ll continue wasting time and money on missed opportunities and a failing business strategy that just isn’t working.

Learn from the best. Imitate their success. See what the world has to offer you.

Join Startup Muslim University right now!

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  •  Courses on eCommerce, Sales, Business Hacking, Apps, Mindset, Investing, etc
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     Shopify Hack Tool FULL ACCESS 
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  •  AdsHacker Premium FULL ACCESS
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  •  Free Shopify & Funnel Pre-Made Templates ($997 Value)
  •  Software Deals and Promotions 
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  •  Private Exclusive VIP community
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     Access To LIVE “What’s Working Now" Trainings
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  •  BONUS #1 - How to Invest Your Income So That You Never Have to Work Again 
    ($997 Value)
  •  BONUS #2 - How to Go From 9-5 Employee to Successful Entrepreneur 
    ($497 Value) 
  •  BONUS #3 - The inside of a Pre-Made Webinar Funnel That Has Generated Over $300,000 
    ($1,497 Value)  
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Frequently Asked Questions
We want our members to feel well-informed, safe, and cared for during their enrollment
Can you tell me more about the Startup Muslim University?
Startup Muslim is a one stop solution for your entrepreneurial needs. By providing full courses, softwares, private mastermind group, templates, live trainings, Startup Muslim allows its users to never look outside to prosper as an entrepreneur. 
What makes Startup Muslim different from all the other Muslim entrepreneur networks?
Startup Muslim is run by Omar Taha. Mr. Taha has developed 7 figure companies and has 2 masters degrees in business and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the same material (and more) we are offering inside Startup Muslim University for $39 is being offered for thousands elsewhere. 
How long does the program last?
It depends. Some students join for a few months and get everything they need and leave. Most, however, join and stay for a very long time to benefit from the live trainings & support through our private group. The relationships you develop at SMU last a lifetime. 
What are the enrollment dates at SMU?
We announce enrollment dates every 3-4 months.
How much is your monthly fee and for how many months should I be enrolled?
The monthly fee is $39 and you can cancel any time no questions asked.
Aside from the lessons offered inside SMU, what other things do you offer?
With your SMU membership, you will receive discounts and offers from major companies such as Clickfunnels and Shopify, an exclusive social network of Muslim entrepreneurs, books, and unfair advantage software, and readymade templates. 
How are the lessons conducted?
Lessons are both pre-recorded and conducted live and stored inside your SMU members area.
How do you assist students who want to open their own business in their country?
Online businesses have eliminated almost all barriers in starting a business. No matter the gender, race, religion, and age, any one can start an online business. They simply need the tools.
Does SMU accept non-Muslim students?
Yes! Startup Muslim accept students irrespective of their religion. Everyone is welcome and can learn through our online platform.
Do you offer scholarships or free lessons to nonmembers of Startup Muslim University?
Yes, we do offer free lessons on our main website. 
What is the difference between Startup Muslim and Startup Muslim University?
Startup Muslim offers many services: Business consulting, online learning, business funding, offline events, and other services. Startup Muslim University is the online learning and knowledge component of Startup Muslim.
Is there a long-term commitment by joining Startup Muslim University?
No. You can cancel your membership any time... no hard feelings :)
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
Are my billing & credit card information secure?
Absolutely. Startup Muslim University is built on a fully encrypted platform - complete with SSL certificates.

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