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An Easy Business Idea System 
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What You'll Learn...
  • How you will come up with countless profitable business ideas 
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  • How you will quickly and easily build a profitable ecommerce business 
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What Others Are Saying
Who Is Omar Taha?

MBA, Wharton School of Business - Graduated from the Wharton MBA program with a concentration in Marketing and Management

MA, PENN - Holds a Masters of Arts from The University of Pennsylvania

BA, NYU STERN - Graduated from the prestigious Honors program at NYU Stern

10+ Years Experience - Has started several 6 and 7 figure businesses

Over 45 Million Served - Over 45 million people served through all of Omar Taha's businesses

Business Hacker - Specializes in ethical business hacking and teaching others the practice

Renowned Consultant - Consultant for several Fortune 500 companies including, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley

Prominent Mentor - Has taught and mentored thousands of business students and aspiring entrepreneurs

Past Training Attendees Results:

Ismail Bowers - USA

Launched his first business which generated $107,000 in the first 3 months.

Brian "Mohammad" Oon - Malaysia

Created 1 mobile app and launching a 7 figure storybook company

Faisal Farooqi - USA

"After working with Br. Omar, I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge, strategy, and clarity he provides."

Ali Butt - Germany

Generated $23,000 in one month using the strategies in this training.

Majid Ali - UK

"I'm doing his App course and I can honestly say it's like he is holding my hand and showing me the correct path to take."

Mohammed Khalif - UK

"I just started going through the Startup Muslim University courses and webinars due to juggling a million things. The content is truly amazing and at such an affordable price. There really is no excuse but to execute. If you haven't joined already, you really are missing out! Thanks to Omar Taha and the rest of the team.